Client Focus: PremierTransCo

PremierTransCo is a company that offers expert transmission repair in Oregon and Washington.  They have over 40 shops regionally.

In April 2009 AuraDev was contacted through our blog to do a Professional Pay Per Click Adwords Setup.  We created a series of campaigns that

  • Increased Advertising Exposure by over 300%
  • Increased Website Visitors by over 100%
  • Doubled Sales Inquiries!!!

The best part… we were able to do all of the above without raising their average cost per click!

Over 9% conversion rate on their new website

Premier TransCo's new website turns visitors into customers. A high conversion rate indicates a highly successful web marketing campaign.

The ROI for this marketing campaign is incredibly high and completely measurable…

Premier Trans Co Website Redesign

When you hire AuraDev as your Internet Marketing Consultant, you can expect a 30% return on your investment.  Our goal is that every client will experience a positive, measurable ROI.  We want to become your Marketing Expert, so give us a call for a free interview at 503 830 4313 or email us.

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Published: April 22nd, 2009 by Chris Chong | Categories: Web Design Portfolio | Tags: internet marketing consultant
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