cheap e-mail redundancy

Question: What is the price of a customer not being able to email you?

Depends on what the profit from your average customer is. For many businesses e-mail is the main method of communication, and if its so important, you’d better have e-mail redundancy.

Its cheap insurance.

AuraDev offers cheap e-mail redundancy starting at $20 per month. Our e-mail redundancy servers ping your email server every 2 minutes to make sure its online. If your mail server goes down, ours kicks in and collects all inbound e-mail. We continue to monitor the status of your e-mail server, and when it comes back online, we automatically forward all email.

This e-mail redundancy system is much better than loosing potential sales. It is also very easy and quick to setup. We’ll provide free setup if you pay quarterly.

To inquire about e-mail redundancy, contact us at 503 830 4313.

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