Canby Marketing

AuraDev is an Internet and Marketing Consultant that works with companies in Canby. Our goal is to help your business connect with customers online. We do this by creating effective websites and closely monitoring their performance with web based statistics.

These statistics provide valubale marketing insight into what people are doing once they find your website. Our statistics even show how people are finding your website.

Our Marketing Strategy is to help you build your business by positioning your website to be found by customers on the Internet. With the proper setup, potential customers will find you, and initiate a conversation that will lead to a sale.

If you’re located in Canby and your marketing efforts aren’t working as well as you think they could, call us for a free introductory meeting. We’ll see if our expertise can help you get a better response from your marketing.

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Published: October 14th, 2007 by Chris Chong | Categories: Search Engine Optimization, Web Design | Tags: internet marketing, Web Design
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