Best Email Blast Companies

With thousands of Email Blast Companies on the net, choosing the best Email Blast Company is a important part of your Email Marketing Campaign.  The best Email Blast Companies provide you with the tools needed to design effective email blast campaigns.  This usually includes a combination of mailing list management software, HTML email design software and graphics file hosting. Your email blast company will also provide statistical reporting, a key element in any marketing effort, so that you can fine tune your email marketing campaigns.

Email Blast Servers: Free Trial

Email Company Best Email Blast Promotion
Overall Rating
Free Email Blast Free Email Blast – 100 emails for free through
Vertical Response
Rating: ★★★★★
Free Email Blast for Small Business Free 60 Day Trial – Send Email Blasts Free for 60 Days though Constant Contact Rating: ★★★★½
Free Email Marketing Service 15 Day Free Trial of iContact email blast servers Rating: ★★★☆☆

Top Email Blast Companies

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awebber getresponse streamsend

As an email marketing firm we send dozens of different email blasts for our clients each week.  Some of our clients host their own email blast server, others purchase our email vps server and others use 3rd party email service providers.  Each method has pros and cons, and depending on the number of people on your list and how often you send, one type of email blast company will be better than the others.

The Best Email Blast Companies

Here are our favorites. The links below will provide you with a free trial of their services, so you can see which one fits your needs.

  1. StreamSend – Easy to use, intuitive and not very expensive. They charge based on emails sent, not the size of your list. This is important for people who might send once or twice a month.
  2. Vertical Response – Great for people who need automated email blast campaign followups – where you create a email sales campaign and then send on a time delay (ex. 1 email per day for 7 days.) Awebber charges based on the size of your emal blast list.  A good choice if you plan on sending more than once a week.
  3. GetResponse – For marketers looking for an email blast service provider that provides multi-media capabilities, cross-channel tracking and email blast automation.  Not quite as easy to use as StreamSend, but more features. If you want to combine email marketing with social marketing and video, GetResponse has the tools to do the job.

NEVER send an Email Blast thru your ISP or regular email account

It is extremely easy for email blast messages to be caught as spam. If that happens, it can cause major problems for you and your customers, often resulting in no email to or from your organization.  The last thing you want is to have all of your normal email go straight into your customers junk box, or worse yet, be blocked from delivery.

Email Blast Companies

Send email blast campaigns through our servers

AuraDev offers email blast campaign hosting through our VPS Servers. VPS Servers offer a semi-dedicated environment which is perfect for sending bulk email and can easily send up to 14,000 messages per day.

We include PHPList as the default email blast software. Of course, you can use any email blast software that runs on PHP or JSP.

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