Are Emails Lost when a Mail Server Goes Down?

Are emails lost when mail server goes down?  Not if you have an AuraDev email redundancy server.

When an email can’t be delivered the sending mail server will put it in a queue to try later.  After a certain number of times (it can be different for every server), the sending email server will bounce it back to the sender with an error.

If email is important to your business, consider purchasing an email redundancy server for your business.  For as low as $30 per month you can have “email insurance”.

Our backup mail servers monitor your primary mail server by pinging it every minute.  If it detects a failure, our backup mail server starts archiving your emails.  At the same time it continues to check your primary mail server, and when it comes back online, our backup mail server delivers all your email automatically.

This is a great solution for companies that host exchange in their office.

For more information, contact AuraDev at 503 830 4313.

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