analytics content drill down

What we typically do at AuraDev Portland Search Engine Optimization is use the Google Analytics Content Drill Down determine which pages we should spend time revising.

In Search Engine Optimization the first step is to rank well in search engines.  But once people are vising your website you can use the analytics content drill down to determine what people are doing once they are at your website.

Are they looking at your page and then leaving the site?

When someone visits Page A, what is the probability they will go to Page B?

Are there any trends (positive or negative) in the way people navigate through your website?

If you are being intentional about how you design your website, you should be using some sort of conversion funnel ( a diagram of your sales process).

For example, you may find that a customer is 50% more likely to make a purchase if they visit Page A, then Page C and the Page B, but the majority of visitors visit Page A, then B, then C.  If that’s the case, you’d want to make a design change to page A, which would cause people to progress through the conversion funnel.

Google Analytics Content Drill Down report can help you discover which pages are your “weakest link”.

Once we identify which pages are “not working” we make modifications to improve visitor retention and conversion rates.  Its important to track what you are doing, so that you can determine if your change brought about a positive or negative result.  You can use A/B comparisons for this if you optimizing multiple pages at once.

If you are interested in learning how to use the analytics content drill down or other search engine optimization tools, contact AuraDev at 503 830 4313.  We offer both seo consulting and training for those Do-It-Yourself types.

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