Adwords Consultants Who Charge Hourly

Looking for a search engine marketing consultant who specializes in Adwords and changes hourly?
I sense you are in need of an adwords expert who does not require lengthy contracts or ongoing monthly retainers…

Chris ChongOk, enough of the screwing around. Of course you are because the words people use when searching define the frame of mind they are in and what they are looking for. By thoroughly understanding how frame of mind relates to keywords, PPC, web design and copy writing you can create an effective search engine marketing campaign and rake in the $$$. My name is Chris Chong. I’m a Google Qualified Adwords and Analytics consultant with an extensive background in organic seo, but more importantly online direct marketing.

Call it Direct Marketing 2.0

If you really study internet marketing, you quickly realize that all online marketing and advertising is a derivative of direct marketing. For over 100 years direct marketing has been used to build businesses large and small. It used to be that marketers would design sales letters, brochures and catalogs and then send them to lists. To a direct marketer list selection is everything. You would purchase lists with millions of names who all had specific things in common. This customer profiling is what makes direct marketing work.

Fast forward to 2010. The methods have changed but the concepts remain. Instead of buying millions of names on a list, you can now buy millions of web visitors at the exact moment they are searching for products/services. These searchers are as hot of a lead you will ever get, in many cases they are white hot! They are searching for a product or service and ready to buy it as soon as the right combination of content (sales copy) and design is presented.

Someone searching “Adwords Consultant who charges hourly” is looking for just that. All it takes is the right sales letter and web page design to get that person to inquire. Once an inquiry is made, closing the sale is relatively easy. It sure beats cold calling!

After working with me you can expect to maintain a 10% conversion rates for many of your keywords. In some cases I have been able to maintain a 20% conversion rate for a large group of keywords. I specialize in proper statistical integration of all aspects of your online marketing so that you can clearly track what is going on. You’ll see which channels and keywords bring in people who are most likely to convert to a lead or sale.

Here are some past results:

  • Optimized Adwords by writing better ads and re-targeting keywords – resulted in 30% more leads for the same PPC costs
  • Optimized online quote request process for website- resulted 50% higher conversion rate overall
  • Optimized online inquiry process- resulted in a 40% increase in inquiries
  • Created highly targeted ad campaign with 12 custom landing pages- resulted in a $28 reduction in the cost per lead (from $40 per lead to $12 per lead)

Probably 80% of the hard part is getting stats to work in your favor. Analytics can be a real pain to get setup properly, but once everything is in place, you”ll enjoy the benefit of knowing the exact return on each key-phrase you are paying for. Eventually this data will provide the basis for your organic seo campaign.

I am currently booked up but from time to time I do take on new clients.
For me to be able to do a good job you will need to fit the following profile:

1) Adspend of at least $100K annually- Anything less than a $100K annual online adspend budget and you are probably not going to be able to take advantage of my expertise. See below for an explanation on this. If you are spending more than $100K annually, I will probably be able to increase your online ad performance by 20% or save you 20% in PPC costs.

2) Able to quickly make changes to your website based on usability testing- When a website is not selling or performing at a high level, it is usually because there are design or content issues. This could be vague or non-existent calls to action, improper design which leaves the user confused, poor design in general or bland content that doesn’t sell. We will very likely need to “get your house in order” so that when we pay for visitors, we capture as many leads as possible.

3) Able to quickly deploy new landing pages and multi-variate experiments- The key to any marketing is testing, testing and more testing. When you are considering how 10,000 people will respond to a sales page, it is very different than how 10 or 100 people will respond. As the number of people viewing a page increases, clear trends start to develop. By identifying and optimizing to the desired action we can create a website which is highly effective at generating sales leads, website inquires or online sales. Because I am a Google Analytics Expert, I am familiar with how to setup multi-variate tests using Google Website Optimizer in order to determine the best way to sell something online.

4) Results oriented- My clients hire me to do one thing- get the most sales possible via the internet. This breaks down into two things- quality of incoming visitors and quality of website. I am an expert at improving both.

* If your ad campaign is less that $100K annually, I can’t help you. Don’t even bother writing. I don’t mean to be cocky, in order to run design and content experiments (which are critical to optimizing Adwords and websites in general) you will need a minimum of 1000 visitors per day. For this you will probably incur hard costs of $15K per month (30,000 x $0.50 per click). That’s money that will go directly to Google, Yahoo or Bing. With less than 1000 visitors per day it just takes too long to conduct experiments and optimize your sites. I suggest that you hire someone less qualified for a year and get your traffic and sales figures up first. There are hundreds of adwords consultants that do a good job with small campaigns.

My rate is $400/hr. If you would like to inquire, please email me-
Past performance reports and client references available on request.

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